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“People are hungry for messages of hope and life. What are you broadcasting?”
Morgan Brittany


Vintage Rehab

Hilary from Vintage Rehab applied for a grant from the RIF last year to start an environmentally friendly project that would provide training and permanent work for people in recovery from addiction. The project would employ people in recovery and offer training in furniture restoration, furniture craftsmanship, French polishing, decorative painting and upholstery.

Hilary said "I believe in investing on people to enhance their life capital in recovery. The projects plans to grow and to employ people in recovery from addiction. They would encouraged to develop their own ideas and therefore built their self worth and self esteem."

The SRC hosted an event earlier this year and invited Hilary to share her ideas for Vintage Rehab and her use of the RIF with other recovery activists. You can learn more here

To apply for a RIF grant with our online application form, click here