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Membership Registration

"All our dreams come true – if we have the courage to pursue them."



The Scottish Recovery Consortium (SRC) is a recovery-orientated charity. We exist to build and promote recovery from addictions in Scotland using means and messages that are consistent with the values and practices of recovery from addictions. 

Our Vision

Our vision is that Scotland will be a country in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. 

Our Ethos

We believe that the whole community can benefit from the experiences and contributions of people and organisations in recovery

Our Values

The SRC places the lived experience of recovery from addiction at the heart of the organisation. We know that both respect for the lived experience of recovery from addiction and an understanding of the benefits that recovery can offer is a key transformer for individuals, communities and agencies. This approach is central to our work and forms the core belief system that all SRC employees, trustees and volunteers both believe and support.

Our brand values have developed in line with our recovery-orientated approach and help to frame both our work and our interactions with external organisations and opportunities as they arise. 

  1. The SRC places the lived experience of recovery from addiction as central to our work.
  2. We believe in the importance of two-way dialogue and connection to foster change.
  3. Our events and resources are free at the point of delivery.
  4. We focus upon the creation of our own communication.

What is a Member?

Members agree with the aims, ethos and values of the Scottish Recovery Consortium. If you want to know more about this go to the About the SRC section of the website.  

Members form part of the legal body of the SRC and will also be central to our thought leadership on recovery from addiction. Our membership is drawn from individuals with a personal lived experience of:

  • Recovery from addiction
  • Family recovery from addiction
  • Recovery activism

How do you join the SRC as a Member?

SRC members will be invited by the existing board to join the organisation and will be asked to agree to the organisational ethos and vision as part of the condition of membership. Individuals are invited to join in a personal capacity.

What do members do?

Members are invited to promote the work of the SRC. They are encouraged to keep local visible recovery communities activists up to date with what is happening in recovery on a national and regional level.

We hope members will keep the SRC informed and up to date with what they are aware is happening in local visible recovery communities.

Members are invited to SRC AGM and other thought leadership events by the board. At the AGM members can be nominated for the SRC board and vote in the board elections.

At thought leadership events members are invited to express their views, experiences and ideas on areas relevant to building recovery in Scotland.

How long does membership last?

You can withdraw from membership at any time, you just send us an email and let us know that you wish to end your membership.

The SRC may check every few years that you still wish to be a member.

Our Membership Policy is available for download, and you can use the short form below to complete your Membership application.

Items marked by * are required

Recovery from addiction

Family recovery from addiction

Contributing to recovery oriented transformations to treatment services

Contributing to recovery supportive transformations in public service and life

To complete your membership please tick that you agree to the following statements:

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Data Protection Statement Scottish Drugs Recovery Consortium is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. All our electronic data is stored securely in compliance with the Act. We will not pass on any details to a third party and you have the right to see what data we store about you and to have any inaccuracies corrected.