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University of Life Tutor Profiles

"All our dreams come true – if we have the courage to pursue them."


Tutor Profiles

Donna Campbell

Donna Campbell is a creative writing tutor who has worked extensively with many community groups over the past 25 years.

Now 8 years in recovery from addiction, she has developed this course with the creative practice she uses herself when dealing with issues in life.

Donna co-produced “Second Stories” with the Citizens Theatre and South East Alternatives, and also designed and delivered the 8 week course “The Mapping of Recovery” for Turning Point Scotland.

She lives alone with her 2 cats Albert and Jack

Peter Charad

In his 29th year of recovering from codependency, family therapist, Peter Chard is passionate about stopping this emotional disorder being passed onto the next generation.

He gives talks on the subject and has designed & facilitates an intensive weekend workshop called What Next? to start the healing process.

Even though there is an ever increasing network of peer-support, recovery cafes, hubs and agencies assisting and supporting people recovering from addictions, there was a 23% increase in drug, 16% in alcohol and 1,200 from smoking related deaths in Scotland during 2016. It’s clear that recovering in a community takes longer and needs more work than many people imagine.

For over 29 years of recovering from addictions, Peter Charad has watched and sadly witnessed many falling by the wayside. He is a semi-retired therapist and remains passionate about doing all he can to prevent such relapses. He gives a talk to groups, rehabs and agencies where there are people who have stopped using substances and are not fully aware yet that stopping is but the start of a lifetime journey. This journey involves deeper emotional healing so that they can cope with what life throws at them and stay well in their recovery. If the person in recovery is unaware of the deep work of healing emotionally, then in the face of severe life challenges they have no adequate defences. At this point relapse, emotional breakdown, depression and suicide start to become options for responding to the pain.

If you have a suitable venue and are interested in hearing how he found his way and what he suggests to clients, he is available to give a presentation on Relapse Prevention to your team. Please contact his direct on 07896870875 or

Gerry Murphy

Gerry has over 22 years experience of recovering from addiction and mental health and has developed a lived experience programme called 'Empowering by Example'.

He runs a drop in centre in Glasgow and teaches people how to change and to finally love themselves all based on spiritual principles.