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The Scottish Recovery Workbook - free download

"Recovery is a journey, and in a journey we discover."
Recovery college graduate


The Scottish Recovery Consortium (SRC) is very proud of the Scottish Recovery Workbook and we have had great feedback about its impact on individuals and groups.  This is a fantastic example of co-production and is backed up by our very high standards around design.  We (and you) are worth it!  

Now, we are ready to offer the workbook as a free download to anyone - it is our gift to you.

Kuladharini, Scottish Recovery Consortium Chief Executive said:

"The Scottish Recovery Workbook is a resource aimed at building early recovery from addiction in treatment and community settings. There are 50 pages, written by people in long term recovery in Scotland, that focus upon strengthening practice of the factors that sustain long term recovery in the community. This is a personal resource designed to support recovery from addiction from the first day in recovery to the end of the third month. We look forward to seeing The Scottish Recovery Workbook being well used throughout Scotland - and the world!"

The Scottish Recovery Workbook is available as a free download here.